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This is a price of one veneer with:
  • Diagnostics
  • Anaesthesia
  • Temporary veneers
  • Fixing
  • and so on.
Initial consultation and diagnostics
✔️ Conversation with dentist.

✔️ Extensive oral examination.

✔️ Photoprotocol: Photos which are made from various camera angle.

✔️ Generation of a treatment preliminary plan.

✔️ Detailed consideration of the total situation (together with a dentist) taking into account all data: examination, photoprotocol, 3D-diagnostics.

❤️ You'l go home with complete understanding of situation, all steps of curing and the plan financial component as well.
Initial consultation and diagnostics
From 1 hour
Consultations and generation of a treatment plan
Dental whitening
✔️ Dental whitening is effective only after the professional hygienic treatment, so whitening is included in the curing program.

✔️Dental whitening system ZOOM4!WhiteSpeed represents whitening in tone range during one visit.

✔️It is applicable for persons with sensitive dental enamel because non-aggressive gel is used.

❤️ White smile is a result of one visit.
From 2 hours
System Philips ZOOM!WhiteSpeed
Dental whitening with the ZOOM4 system
From 2 hours
Dental whitening with the Opalescence Boost
Professional hygienic treatment
✔️ Professional hygienic treatment includes removal of tooth stone, plague. teeth polishing, fluorination, recommendations for home hygienic procedures.

✔️ We always work keeping in mind all aspects of your individuality: teeth sensitivity, existence of gingival inflammation, implants and so on).

❤️Cleanliness is next to goodliness!
Professional hygienic treatment
From 1 hour
Ultrasound cleaning + AirFlow + polishing
Three-stage teeth cleaning
1 hour
Ultrasound cleaning and polishing with brushes.
Oral hygiene
Dental caries
✔️ The contemporary standard of caries therapy is under microscope with cofferdam using.

✔️ Accurate healing: we remove only diseased tissue and insert an ideal filling.

✔️ We use the best filling materials.

❤️ Nobody will know about the tooth restoration!
Dental caries
From 1 hour
Surface caries
From 1 hour
Median caries
From 1 hour
Deep caries
Dental caries — All price
Endodontics: root canal therapy
✔️ We use cofferdam under microscope. It is an indispensable prerequisite of a contemporary endodontic treatment.

✔️ Our dentists are specialists #nbsp in solving of complicated problems such as deviated or branced dental canals, canals retreatment, removal of instrument fragments from canal after the preceding treatment and so on.

❤️ We do everything in order to save your tooth!
Endodontics: root canal therapy
Under the microscope
Mechanic, drug-induced treatment of one canal
Under the microscope
One root canal filling by 3D-root canal obturation
Under the microscope
One canal defilling
Endodontics — All price
Without microscope
Pulpitis treatment and tooth filling by lateral condensation
Under the microscope
Pulpitis treatment and 3D-obturation of root-canals
Under the microscope
Retreatment (revision) and 3D-obturation of root canals
Additional services
Orthopaedics: veneers, dental crowns, etc.
✔️ We have made thousands of very aesthetic teeth restorations for hundreds of our true-love patients.

✔️ All kinds of orthopaedics are available: ceramic veneers, crowns. zirconium-made crowns.

✔️ We use the most modern CAD/CAM methods for the veneers and crowns manufacturing.

❤️ Your smile will be unsurpassed!
Orthopaedics: veneers, dental crowns, etc.
High aesthetics
Ceramic veneer E.max
High aesthetics
Ceramic tooth crown E.max
High aesthetics
Tooth crown made from zirconium oxide by coating
Excluding the cost of the abutment
Metal-ceramic crown on implant
Ceramic inlay on zhewing surface
Mouthguard against dental abrasion (in the case of bruxism)
Mouthguard for whitening
Complete removable denture
Orthopaedics — All price
Analog and transfer included without abutment
Denture treatment on implants
Mouthguard (for one jaw)
Removable prosthesis
Additional services
Functional orthopedics
Implantation and surgery
✔️ Unique operations: dental transplantation (autotransplantation), elimination of "gingival smile".

✔️ All types of implantation, including: immediately after removal, with immediate loading of crowns, with complete absence of teeth, implantation "without surgery" - according to surgical templates.

✔️ We only work with the best manufacturers.

✔️ All implants have a high survival rate.

❤️ We work in the paradigm of "the best operation — is its absence". We make surgical operation only when it is really necessary and if other methods of treatment have not helped.
Implantation and surgery
From 20 minutes
Implant placement operation
от 35000₽
Tooth simple removal
Tooth complicated removal
Removal of impacted or embedded tooth ("wisdom tooth")
Implantology and surgery — All price
Bone and gingival plastics during implantation
Outpatient surgery
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